Barron Company, LLC Your single source solution to procurement and sourcing of components and products for industry. Barron Company acts in conjunction with your engineering and purchasing departments in the procurement of a wide range of industrial products and services, including standard and specialty fasteners, metal products, metal stamping / production, tool & die, fabrication and machining as well as value added services such as plating, galvanizing, heat treating, assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution. We offer procurement services on carbon steel products, as well as stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal products in a wide range of sizes, shapes and specifications. Manufacturing services include roll threading, metal stamping, machining, bending, shearing, sawing, welding, drilling and chamfering. Products and Services include: STANDARD FASTENERS: Cap Screws, Wood Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Machine Screws, Pentalobe Screws, Lag, Screws, Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts, Shoulder Bolts, Eye Bolts, U Bolts, V Bolts, Anchors, Threaded Rod, Hex Nuts, Dock Washers, Bevel Washers, Flat Washers, in Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Zinc Plated, Brass, US and Metric sizes. SPECIALTY FASTENERS: Anchor Bolts, Full Thread Studs, Double End Rods, Timber Bolts, U-bolts, Washers (All Sizes), Ogee Washers, Dock Washers, Eye Bolts, Hook Bolts, J Bolts, ACME Thread. METAL STAMPING: Production of OEM parts, blanking, piercing, shearing, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. FABRICATION: Forming, Shearing, Punching, Bending, Breaking Welding and Rolling. MACHINING: Lathe, Horizontal Bar, Vertical Mill, Drill and Press Work. VALUE ADDED SERVICES: Including but not limited to, Plating, Galvanizing, Painting, Heat Treating, Assembly, Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution INDUSTRIES SERVED INCLUDE: Equipment manufacturers, steel fabricators, architectural, construction, utilities, bridge, telecommunications, marina hardware, furniture manufacturers, conveyor, aggregate, crane, hardware, packaging, etc. Let us drop ship direct to your job site.